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Broken Leg Productions needs your help now more than ever! Any support you can give helps us to stay afloat after keeping our doors safely open through covid.

BLP has weathered the pandemic as we know it so far (fingers crossed). This, in and of itself, is a small miracle. We have been running at ⅓ of our usual income for the past year and a half, and are so grateful for those who have continued to support us and allowed us to make it to this point. We are crossing our fingers that in bringing these four amazing shows to our stages this summer that our audiences will return in person. Like many small businesses, we are limping along and are in danger of closure if we continue to run at just ⅓ of our audience and income. BUT YOU CAN HELP! Spread the word to all your friends and families to get tickets, Donate on our website (all donations are SO greatly appreciated), AND Purchase Tickets for our other three upcoming shows to enjoy all that a Summer at BLP has to offer!!

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or special targeting instruction for your donation.

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