FALL 2021

Weather you are looking for exciting online only options, challenging in person productions or something in between- our 2021 fall season has you covered!



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Why Choose BLP?!

With so many exciting programs out there, we understand you have many options for your student. So why choose to spend your time with Broken Leg? One of BLP’s main goals is to create a family of artists who learn how to express themselves and to connect with the world through the arts. We have a staff of well- trained and qualified individuals who have equal interest in student growth and development as well as theatrical excellence. Our staff loves collaborating with each other and with our students to create the best possible production. We are a young and energetic company that has grown by leaps and bounds. We love seeing our students grow with us and become more confident, self-aware of their talents and create lasting friendships. At BLP, while artistry and the production are important to us we also teach through games, workshops, hands on experience with technical theatre aspects and more. Our shows are chosen with the students in mind: what will challenge them? What will bring out their best? What will be FUN? Each process culminates in an amazing fully realized production that students can be proud of and audiences are entertained by. We hope you’ll join us this fall at Broken Leg Productions, where production is fun and theatre becomes family!

Interested in learning more?!  We’re always happy to answer ANY questions you may have at production@brokenlegproductions.com anytime!

Questions or concerns?!

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