About Our Spaces



For summer 2019 we will have our day to day life be based out of The First United Methodist Church of Melrose. This beautiful and historic building is located right in the heart of Melrose, a community we are proud to be a part of and endeavor to make our long-term home.

BLP has made a home through our relationship with FUMC. We are so excited to continue using this space. With several rooms for rehearsal and a large performance/rehearsal space, we are sure this space will afford us what is needed to create memorable, high-quality and artistic productions.

As we head toward summer 2019, we are working with FUMC to add in air conditioning opportunities to FUMC, which is a great thing as our day to day activities are quite active. It is a clean and spacious facility and we are excited to continue to be guests in this space.

Directions to FUMC

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@brokenlegproductions.com


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