BLP Summer Shows 2022

Have you registered yet for one of our four amazing summer 2022 shows? You will not want to miss out!


Youth Program

Rising 5th graders through rising 9th graders

SESSION 1: June 27-July 1

SESSION 2: July 5-July 30

High School/College Program

Rising 10th graders through age 20

SESSION 1: June 13-July 9

SESSION 2: July 11-August 6

Policy Documents

Please review the following documents and policies before program start.


Additional Educational Opportunities

Are you interested in directing, stage management, choreography? Do you need community service hours for school? A select number of rising 10th graders will be chosen to intern in our daytime youth program. Or are you Interested in working with older students as an ensemble cast member? A select number of rising 9th graders enrolled in both youth programs will be chosen to participate in our high school/college Program as performance apprentices.

Youth Program Internship

Open to students ENTERING 10th Grade

There will be limited spaces available for Student Performance Interns who are ENTERING 10th Grade and wish to audition for and be in the middle school production. This will be done via an application process. Students interested in being Interns must be enrolled in BOTH high school sessions. There will not be a fee to intern, but students will be expected to work for community service hours as leaders in the program. Example positions could/may include: dance captain, assistant choreographer, assistant stage manager, etc. This will be capped at 3 Interns per production.

High School/College Program Apprentice

Open to students ENTERING 9th Grade

There will be limited spaces for “Performance Apprentices” who are ENTERING 9th grade. Students who are registered for BOTH middle school programs, may sign up to be an apprentice in one of the high school/college for the cost of $275 (50% off). These students will be given the opportunity to work with older students, and learn about the process of putting on a production at this advanced level. Students who are interested can opt to be ensemble members of the cast if not working on the tech-side of the production, and do not need to audition. Students must express interest through an application process. This will be capped at 5 students per high school/college production.

Why Choose BLP

With so many exciting summer programs, we understand you have many options for your student this summer. So why choose to spend your summer with Broken Leg?

One of BLP’s main goals is to create a family of artists who learn how to express themselves and to connect with the world through the arts. We have a staff of well- trained and qualified individuals who have equal interest in student growth and development as well as theatrical excellence. Our staff loves collaborating with each other and with our students to create the best possible production.

We are a young and energetic company that has grown by leaps and bounds. We love seeing our students grow with us and become more confident, self-aware of their talents and create lasting friendships. At BLP, while artistry and the production are important to us we also teach through games, workshops, hands on experience with technical theatre aspects and more.

Our shows are chosen with the students in mind: what will challenge them? What will bring out their best? What will be FUN? Each process culminates in an amazing fully realized production that students can be proud of and audiences are entertained by. We hope you’ll join us this summer at Broken Leg Productions, where production is fun and theatre becomes family!

Interested in learning more?!  We’re always happy to answer ANY questions you may have at anytime!