Get Involved

Want to get involved in Broken Leg Productions in some way? We are a young company and would love as much community support as possible. What are ways you can help? We’re so glad you asked.

Join our board

Be involved behind the scenes in helping to run BLP. We are seeking highly energetic people with a passion for theater and a knowledge of production and/or administration. Have ideas that could make BLP a success, we’d love to hear them and this is a way to see those ideas through.

Get involved behind the scenes

Crew, Lights, Sound, Costumes, Props, and so many other aspects go into making a production.

Production Teams

Each show needs a production team: Producers, Music Directors, Stage Managers, Costumers, Tech Directors and more. If you are qualified person who would be interested in joining us for one of our productions, let us know!

Publicity and Marketing

Help us spread the word!


Be on our stage! Visit our homepage for more information on upcoming auditions and opportunities!

We’d love to have you involved!

If interested in learning more about any of these opportunities please e-mail us at